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Sunday 28 September, 02003

I’m back from the dead!

by james @ 7:57 pm

Sorry i havent kept in touch, bvut , well, you know, this and that. went to toupo this weekend, great times, good to see my sister again, and i went gliding, which just so happened to be my first time in a plane, so it was cool. the trip home was a different matter though. I expected it to be about three- four hours long, and it looked to be that way, until two hours later we got stuck in traffic, not to mention pouring rain, and for the next four and a half hours got an average speed of about fifty kilometers per hour. A trip the length from toupo to wellington has no right to last six and a half. There should be a law about heavy traffic piling up around levin, like it always does.
I best be going because ive got a short story to write, and a debate speech to write as well( my team got into the regional junior premier grand final for debating, should be good fun)

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  1. Sam says:

    2. Had no idea that was james writing until I saw ‘short story to write. Well in Bartletts. Well in.

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