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Sunday 26 June, 02005


by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:31 pm

I’m reading Soul Shaper by Tony Jones a chapter at a time. It’s about Christian spiritual disciplines, aimed particularly at people in youth ministry. It’s just been talking about the Divine Office – structuring the day, praying the hours (you know Lauds, Vespers, Compline). It suggests using this sort of thing at a youth camp. It came to me that that might be a good niche for Reformed youth camps. Seems to me we’re not very good at the hype-y praise and worship sort of thing, so something more silent, solid & rejuvenating might be the ticket.

4 responses to “Vespertine”

  1. david says:

    talk to me matt, talk to me. I’m keen to hear…

  2. namaste Matthew!

    found your Blog again …

    after four months in Ojai (actually ‘Awha’y, Goddess Moon)
    have finally dug in … and now have the time and perspective
    and peace to return to my spiritual practice.

    sleeping under the Moon and Stars, and Sunday mornings
    (today) now walking into town and practicing Chi-Gong
    in the central plaza garden next to the overflowing Farmer’s
    Market. and facilitating a sitting hand-holding meditation
    prayer circle — focus on the Blue Star, Global Consciousness,
    our world family … aka the Maitreya, Messiah, Blue Kachina.

    wonderful to share with you and others around the world who
    are focusing in on the spiritual dialog daily — the thoughts
    and languare of cultivation, refinement, gentling, polishing,

    for all our sacred relations,

    Millennium Twain



  3. annab says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm yes.

    what does it mean to pray the hours – Lauds, Vespers etc? sounds cool

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