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Friday 23 September, 02005


by Matthew Bartlett @ 5:40 pm

This morning between seven and eight I dreamt about a tsunami but it wasn’t one of the good tsunami dreams I’ve enjoyed four or five times in the past where it’s a giant wave to surf and I can surf or bodysurf or fly over everything and it’s a very exhilarating time with no destruction or suffering and it’s nowhere in particular. Instead it was at Castlepoint and Island Bay mashed together and there was foreboding, suprise, and then a tide that wouldn’t stop, roiling and bits of wood and houses but no people apart from me and the owner of the house on the hill we could see it all from. The sea only lapped up to the doorway but I woke sad for the first time for the people in America, and sad realising that it’s not a happy or a safe world outside or inside the city.

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  1. The panic of a dream set in Houghton Bay, or Lyall, and watching a wave suddenly raise itself skyward is traumatic. I have at least onesuch nightmare every year. DID YOU SEE THE GIANT SQUID IN THE NEWSPAPER TODAY?? WOW! That was as scary as a tidal wave.

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