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Monday 10 October, 02005

You tale

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:29 am

Says Dennis Bratcher in Speaking the Language of Canaan: The Old Testament and the Israelite Perception of the Physical World:

I would suggest that the naturalistic view of the world, whether it emerges in historical positivism, philosophical deism, or atheistic empiricism, is just as mythical in the technical sense as is the Enuma Elish or the Ba‘al myth. It assumes that one way of looking at the physical world is the only way, and that one set of metaphors, and one language, is adequate. This ascension of the myth of naturalism and natural law has created the tension that most of us have experienced as we move from our modern world view to the world view of the Scriptures. While this modern myth of immutable natural law is being modified from the perspectives of quantum physics and the theory of random event, there is still a disposition, perhaps a need, to see the world in rational categories, in terms of stability and order. After all, that is a basic premise for most of the work done in the Natural Sciences.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Matt this quote is enormously stimulating, cheers

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